Microblogging is a type of blogging that is very brief... 140 characters to be exact. To begin, I suggest that you review this Twitter in Plain English video (which is the most popular example of microblogging). For a good overview of microblogging, you should visit the Microblogging chapter at the //Teaching and Learning with Web 2.0// ebook. This semester you will be using Twitter as your mircoblogging tool, here are some resources that may help you in that process. Note that some of these videos provide advanced options that may be of interest to you later in the course, but aren't necessary for you to do at this stage of your blogging journey.

How to Make a Twitter Account - A YouTube video that shows you how to create a Twitter account.

Follow Your Interests. Discover Your World. Twitter. - A YouTube video that describes how some famous and not so famous people use Twitter.

Note that some of these resources were provided by Twitter. There are likely additional resources that can be found on the web and instructional videos that can be found on YouTube. If there is something you'd like to be able to do with your blog that isn't described in any of these videos, I would suggest conducting both a YouTube search and a general web search to see if someone has already created a how to video or guide.

Once you have created your Twitter account, post an entry or tweet.

The last thing you should do is to add the username you have chosen for your Twitter account into the "list of participants".